Celery Juice

Self Released (2020)

Tivon Pennicott, Composer, Producer, Orchestrater, Arranger, Tenor Saxophonist

Philip Dizack, Trumpet, Orchestral Chimes

Yasushi Nakamura, Double Bass

Joe Saylor, Drums, Timpani

Olivier Glissant, Conductor

Yoojin Park, Concertmaster, Violin

Orchestra, Tivon Pennicott Orchestral Strings

“Pennicott’s saxophone has a romantic vibe to it... it is sweet to listen to, like drinking warm honey”

– All About Jazz

Little did we know that this live performance from the Jazz Standard would be our last for several months. I’m so thankful for these amazing musicians who played my music so beautifully and gracefully.

Stream Celery Juice…

Our studio recording has some subtle differences within the string arrangements and horns that we chose not to play from the Jazz Standards live performance. Stream it to hear it!

Drink Celery Juice…

I dare you to juice and drink 16 oz in the morning on an empty stomach and wait 15 min before you eat. I bet you will begin to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Yes, there is a reason why I chose to write a song about this God given herb. The changes I’ve seen in my own life warranted a worldwide share through my art. Yes, it’s an herb. A healing herb that gives you energy, yet calms your nerves, and heals you from the inside out. Drink it.

Track Listing

  1. Celery Juice


from studio recorded single:

Studio Personnel, Mixer: Russell Elevado

Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Alex DeTurk

Studio Personnel, Studio Engineer (Dreamland Studios): Ariel Shafir

Studio Personnel, Studio Engineer (Studio G): Mark Schwartz


Associated Performer, Violin: Tesia Moss

Associated Performer, Violin: Namhoon Kim

Associated Performer, Violin: Kiku Enomoto

Associated Performer, Violin: Ina paris

Associated Performer, Violin: Ally Jenkins

Associated Performer, Violin: Erin Dupree

Associated Performer, Violin: HyunJoon Shin

Associated Performer, Violin: Jae Young Bea

Associated Performer, Violin: Luis Casal

Associated Performer, Violin: Charlene Bishop

Associated Performer, Violin: Keiko Tokunaga

Associated  Performer, Viola: Jocelin Pan

Associated Performer, Viola: Joshua Kail

Associated Performer, Viola: Marco Sabatini

Associated Performer, Viola: Kenny Wang

Associated Performer, Cello: Lutz Rath

Associated Performer, Cello: Amy Kang

Associated Performer, Cello: Boubacar Diallo

Associated Performer, Cello: Reenat Pinchas

Associated Performer, Double Bass: Johannes Felscher

Associated Performer, Double Bass: Carlos Barriento

Associated Performer, Gong: Dominique Sanders


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