Faith in Grace

Dox Records (2023)

Tivon Pennicott, Tenor Saxophone

Ondre J Pivec, Organ

Emanuel Harrold, Drums

Jahmal Nichols, Bass

Chip Crawford, Piano

Remember to speak kindly to yourself. Have tremendous compassion for yourself. While you set personal boundaries, your heart simultaneously softens and allows a spirit of forgiveness towards yourself and others.

In your own space and time, you’re able to look outwardly and asses the ones you value who have once hurt you or betrayed you.

You may recognize their capacity for growth, their willingness to do the work, and genuine evidence of self-improvement.

Be different. Dare to trust again…

Track Listing

  1. Faith in Grace


Studio Personnel, Mixer: Jaclyn Sanchez

Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Jett Galindo

Studio Personnel, Studio Engineer (Yellow Shark Studios): Jeremy Drew


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