Roots to Branches

Dox Records (2024)

Tivon Pennicott, Vocals, Tenor & Soprano Sax, Flute, FX

Ondre Pivec, Organ

Chip Crawford, Piano

Idris Frederick, Piano

Jahmal Nichols, Electric & Upright Bass

Dean Torrey, Electric & Upright Bass

Emanuel Harrold, Drums

Kenn Salters, Drums

We let the Spirit lead as we acknowledge the strength of our foundation, accompanied with a forward gall √

Track Listing

  1. Let Our Hearts Decide
  2. Branching Out
  3. Tell Me Again
  4. Celery Juice
  5. Roots to Branches
  6. Never Been
  7. Faith in Grace
  8. Fermented Grapes
  9. Tour Life
  10. Moments


Jaclyn Sanchez mixing/production
Jett Galindo mastering

Jeremy Drew studio engineer
Tiger Diep studio engineer

@cuzmadeit cover art


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