Lover of Nature CD


Each composition on this record outlines a specific experience that he has had since his move to The City. “Translated” was inspired by his travels, here and abroad, and his experiences of easily communicating in the absence of words. “Observe” is a composition influenced by different levels of social awareness that he has seen in the city. “No Dream” is his expression of the feeling he had after a four-day bout of insomnia, while on tour in the Middle East. “Come Get Me” is an early composition of his that deals with dynamic strategies of romance. “To Be Counted” was inspired by a lesson he learned – realizing that he has a voice, and that it has value and power in the world. “Lifted” is representative of his nature, and the music and attitude that led to a natural high. “Never Been” was composed in anticipation of the many things that he has yet to learn. Finally, the title track, “Lover of Nature,” is the literal translation of the name Tivon, and is completely improvised.

8 track CD with additional artwork and liner notes

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